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The "Corbelle 17" drill, jointly implented by the French High Committee to Civil Defence (HCFDC) and the fire brigade of the department of Haute-Corse in Corsica, unfolded according to plan.
The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs was involved via its crisis  management center, which gave to this unprecedented event a genuine national and international dimension.
On the first day, participants were drawn together in the movie theater of the 2nd Foreign Legion Airborne Regiment in Calvi where they were provided with a well structured scenario in several phases: hostage taking, earthquake, attack from a maniac, chemical accident, evacuation of nationals.
This drill was spectacular due to the wide range of human and material means that were deployed. It took simultaneously place in the Calvi and Calenzana areas, both cities taking an active part in the operation.

On this occasion, PAUL BOYE TECHNOLOGIES provided and deployed innovative technical solutions for CBRN protection and crisis management (CLD 500, C3P1MU, crisis management jackets equipped with leds).

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